We’ve witnessed the first two stages of grief – denial and anger – via the media’s responses to Amazon’s decision to descend upon Australia – ‘Amazon no threat to Australian retail‘ (The Australian); ‘Amazon will eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner‘ (SMH) and ‘Amazon to destroy Aussie Retail‘ (’s Australian market entrance will not be like H&M’s or Masters’ – instead, they will probably stock the exact same products you do (and more), and will surely not require users to enter their postcodes to view their (very) attractive prices.There is no ‘bargaining’ with Amazon (the third stage of grief) so let’s just get straight to acceptance: Amazon will not be a threat to online business; Amazon will be a threat to every business. They won’t do ‘Omni-channel’ – they will execute ‘every-single-channel’.

So what does this mean for you?

This is an opportunity to take online more seriously. In comparison to the rest of the world’s online retail as a % of total retail ( the EU averages 9.4%; the US 13.9%; the UK 16.8%; while Australia lags far behind at just 6.8%. That’s what it looks like now, but this is about to change, fast.

Longtail UX platform updates

We’ve made some key updates to our platform over the last six months. The good news is, you don’t have to hire dozens of engineers in website R&D and run costly experiments with your own website infrastructure. We offer platform agnostic, first-class website optimisation technology so you get at least50% more out of your Search Marketing budget.Some of the latest features include:

  • New API service enabling fully client-controlled landing page templates
  • Google Analytics integration to automate optimisation based on real user data
  • Google Search Console ranking integration to provide ranking change signals for keyword and link optimisation.

We’ve also recently launched in data centres in the US as we onboard the market leader in car classifieds for Latin America – LatAm Autos.

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We are very excited to launch our new Shopping Comparison Website. ShoppingHero combines ourLongtail UX technology with a 100%-performance-approach (CPL, CPA or ROI share) and an important social element: 50% of all sales commissions are donated to our chosen ‘charity of the month’ (this month the charity is a group that funds healthcare for those in need around the world) or a charity chosen by you; and coming soon, to a charity chosen by the user.How it works for you: You give us your existing product feed (e.g. Google Shopping format) and we use your existing Google Analytics or Affiliate channel tracking to deliver net new revenue to you while raising valuable funds for those in need.

How it works for users: It’s just like any other shopping comparison website, plus the feel-good factor of knowing the purchase will make a direct positive impact on people in need.

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So what do Amazon, Longtail UX and ShoppingHero
now have in common?

In ‘online’, the only constant is change – and the user always wins. But while some changes pose challenges for your business, others are great opportunities:Longtail UX has never delivered less than 50% uplift in Organic Search and is proven to increase conversion rates for SEO and SEM by more than 20%.Get in touch for a tailored business case.

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